iceCREAM Tokenomics

Currently Phase 1


iceCREAM turns CREAM into a productive asset. It will have the same three main use cases as CRV - voting, staking, and boosting.

How iceCREAM works:

  • Lock CREAM between 1 week to 4 years to receive iceCREAM.

  • iceCREAM is non-transferable and non-tradeable.

  • 50%+ of Protocol Reserves going forward will be distributed as ycrvIB tokens to iceCREAM stakers.

  • 1 iceCREAM = 1 vote in the future of C.R.E.A.M. Finance governance.

  • [phase 2] iceCREAM staked translates to voting power which can be used to determine allocation of CREAM token liquidity mining by chain and market (e.g.- Ethereum, ETH).

If liquidity mining is enabled on borrow markets (more on this as part of phase 2)

  • Once you vote, your vote will remain directed at pools unless modified.

  • Users will have the ability to change their votes every week and will be able to allocate their iceCREAM to different pools.

  • iceCREAM allows the user to control CREAM emissions across all C.R.E.A.M. markets in the future.

  • iceCREAM increases emission from a base factor of 0.4 to a max of 2.5x, the more iceCREAM you stake, the more CREAM you earn.

Minting iceCREAM

Assuming 1000 CREAM locked:



4 years


1 year


6 month


3 month


1 month


1 week

iceCREAM decays linearly over time. At the unlock date of CREAM, your iceCREAM balance would be 0.

Long-Term Staking CREAM can vote

For the early supporters of C.R.E.A.M. Finance who locked their CREAM in the long-term staking program, these token holders should be entitled to governance alongside iceCREAM holders, but will not be eligible for emission boosts.


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